IAA Conference 2020 - Call for Papers

09.03.2020 · Antrag · Veranstaltungen · ·

Dear Applicant,

We note with pleasure that you would like to apply to be a speaker at this year's IAA Conference.

Please note in advance that our conference program will be held in English. Moreover, no company presentations are permitted – only visionary ideas, solutions and perspectives on the topics of logistics, public transport, alternative powertrains, automation & connectivity, new market & global order, customers & customer relations, safety & testing, advanced materials & manufacturing and regulatory politics. This year the focus is on the mobility topic of commercial vehicles. Please also note that the keynotes and discussions will be recorded by a video and photo team with the aim of publishing them on social media and other platforms.

The speaker's fee is 3,000 euros. This fee does not apply for speakers from the academic, start-up and NGO sectors.

The call for papers is open until April 19, 2020.

Your data will be processed only for the purpose of your application to speak at the IAA Conference 2020 and will be deleted after the IAA 2020. They will not be shared with third parties. Our applicable terms and conditions are available at: https://www.iaa.de/en/cv/data-protection.

Please also note the terms and conditions set down in formular.io

Yours sincerely,





Public Transport

Alternative Powertrains

Automation & Connectivity

New Market & Global Order

Customer & Consumer Relations

Safety & Testing

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

Regulatory Politics


(e.g. YouTube-Links)

Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA)

Klaus Vartzbed


Klaus Vartzbed