Political Art Days 2020 focus forest

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Political Art Days 2020 focus forest

We offer a care for children on Friday (2.10.) and Saturday (3.10.) from 12:00 to 18:00.

ja nein

ja nein

Which event do you want to attend? For each registration please fill in an extra form. For further questions you can mail at: info(at)cambio-aktionswerkstatt.de

Fr, 2.10. 12-15 Uhr Workshop Land-Art-Session

Fr, 2.10. 15-16 Uhr Vortrag World Garden Mongolia

Fr, 2.10. 15-17 Uhr Workshop Improtheater

Fr, 2.10. 16-18 Uhr Farbenworkshop für Kids

Fr, 2.10. 17-19.00 Workshop Kunst und Aktivismus

Fr, 2.10. 17-19.00 Movie "Las voces de nunca"

Sa, 3.10. 10-11.00 Workshop Seed-Mandala

Sa, 3.10. 11-14.00 Workshop Ziviler Ungehorsam für Klimagerechtigkeit

Sa, 3.10. 13-15.00 Workshop Capoiera für Kids

Sa, 3.10. 15-17.00 Q&A mit Künstler:innen

Sa, 3.10. 16-17.30 Workshop Clownin Ciboulette für Kids


We recommend a participation fee from 10-30€ for each workshop. By this you support the work of many people, who contributes to the festival.
If you only can pay less or nothing at all you are still welcome to join the workshop!

I will ..

transfer the money.

pay in cash.

BANK: Triodos Bank
IBAN: DE45 5003 1000 1034 1900 00